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What is Paymi?

A prototype to help people accomplish paying and sending money to friends and family. 

Why is it Unique?

There are other apps like this on the market already but I wanted to try and improve on some of the features of those existing apps with my design 


  • Experience design
  • Interaction Design
  • Visual Design
  • Wireframing
  • Prototyping


Here is a brief look into the process I used for this project:


The design idea was simple. I was inspired by a lot of the work done in the PayPal and cash app in terms of user flow and I wanted to add a few things I considered to be improvements on a great idea.
The primary interactions in this app are payments or request for payments and that is why it was added as the first interaction. 
Some of the new features I wanted to include:
  • Ability to see the history of people you have sent money to and received money from
  • Easy access to frequent friends/family the user interacts with
  • Ability to link money back to the user's bank and use multiple accounts
  • Request money and pay money
  • Options to use quick amounts for currency
  • Notification system for the user and the recipient after money is transferred



I created a proto-personas of a potential user for this application. This persona was created with assumptions so it's not a perfect representation of a true user but an idealized person this design would fit.


Here's a look at the designs for this app in the early stages. I started the wire-frames really looking for the main interaction flow.

User Journey

Susan's user journey is pretty displayed below. The phases of the user flow for this process were designed to be as simple as possible to complete. I wanted to make sure Susan could use this quickly and get on with her daily life.


Here's a look at the mockups of the Paymii App.
I wanted to give the site a trendy aesthetic playing on the re-introduction of gradients in the world of visual design on the web.
Here are some of the words that came to mind during the process:
  • Simple
  • Fun and Playful
  • green
  • Money 
  • Illustrative


If you'd like to see how the app would work, check out the prototype in Adobe XD here


After it is all said and done here's what I learned. 
I really enjoyed the challenge of designing an app for financial services. It piqued my interest to learn more about the industry and I found that there seems to be a great opportunity for UX to help enhance these services. I have begun following more companies who are working towards this goal as a result of this experiment.
Here's what worked.
The concept I created garnered a surprising amount of attention from my peers and others online on sites like Behance. Even with my limited use of animation in the prototype, my friends who navigated through the prototype found delight in the micro-interactions that I added to the app such as the thanks messaging and the ease of location for primary CTA features.
Here's what went wrong.
Since I had little experience in the finTech world at the start of this design I struggled to find a reasonable use case to start the project which led to longer time spent creating the interaction design. I also ran into issues with the placement