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What is project Greylens?

Using an Agile Design approach, I along with a team of other designers, developers, and Subject Matter Experts (SME) designed and developed a cloud-based platform to allow builders to construct their designs and get pricing on the materials needed for the project they created. The application is still in Beta at the moment.

Roles & Responsibilities

This was a collaborative project and I worked with another UX designer. We shared the following roles for this project.

  • UX Designer 
  • Interaction Designer 
  • Design system Lead

The Problem

The company lets call them GreyLens ( you know, For NDA Compliance) came to us with a need for updating their application to use the modern day technological capabilities. They were currently 20 years behind, but in software years that feels more like 1000 years. So myself along with my team worked to bring their current application which was a desktop application up to speed.

GreyLens was asking themselves and our team the question: How might we improve our builders' capability to create and test the viability of their buildings quickly?

Our team ultimately landed on a cloud-based solution that also integrates with other desktop-based tools that were still being used in the company workflow.

The Problem Continued...

Most of the findings for the project were done before I was added to the project but I will identify the insights I observed even after the preliminary research was complete.

  1.  Most of the companies builders were not familiar were not familiar with the current application UI and needed the company to create buildings for them.
  2.  Builders were having trouble keeping track of the iterations of their projects in the current application and had struggled with sharing their work with other members of their teams
  3. Greylens employees were struggling with keeping track of the project status and keeping pricing accurate for the materials they created
  4. Builders didn't truly understand how the application worked and often didn't have a clear direction of what to do
  5. The current application didn't have a strong information hierarchy and that prevented user learn-ability and discover-ability of the tasks at hand.

I discovered that not only did the company need to improve the software platform they also needed to update their application design and workflow for user interaction.

The Process

[Graphic from Adobe XD]

The Storyboard

[Graphic from Adobe XD]


[Graphic from Adobe XD]

User Flows & Mockups

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Greylens Mockups